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Salerno's Red Hots - Established in 1991.

Salerno's Red Hots was started as a mobile hot dog cart business, by father and son entrepreneurs, Joe Salerno Sr. & Tony Salerno. Sadly, We lost Joe the “Hot Dog Man” to ALS in 2009. He was a great man. We’ve opened the brick and mortar location in his honor. We serve everything from Vienna Beef hot dogs, Maxwell Street Polish to our very own skin-on fresh cut fries.

Meet the Business Owner,  Tony Salerno S.
Today, Salerno's Red Hots not only operates hot dog and ice cream carts out of Oswego, we now have a brick and mortar hot dog joint in Yorkville, IL. known as #2. #1 was the base of operation in Villa Park, IL. In the 90’s when the mobile business was launched by father and son entrepreneurs, Joe Sr. And Tony Salerno. Originally provided mobile cart concession services to youth baseball and Football in Villa Park and Lombard, IL.