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Ernest A. 
Downers Grove, IL
Was visiting in Plano with the family and on the way home we stopped at Salerno's for Chicago hot dogs & fries. Hot dogs were just the right snap when you bite into it. Buns were soft with poppy seeds with just the right amount of celery salt. Fries are fresh cut on site, really, really good and you get a boat load of fries. They only have canned soda. The place is very, very clean. Limited seating but comfortable chairs with counter space for eating. Owner and staff were pleasant to all of us. This is a must place to stop and eat!! We will definitely be back to visit.


Brooke S  

Very Friendly! Great Food! Great Service!! We got the chili cheese dog and a regular dog and fries and it was all good!

Joseph U.   
Oswego, IL 

Finally had the opportunity to stop in to check out the "Chicago Style Hot Dog" in Yorkville. This was a throwback to my teen age life. This is not a '50s place, it is the presentation of food as it was back then. A real focus on the quality provided: Vienna beef hot dogs (slightly longer than the bun), fresh cut fries, mustard, relish, onions, sport peppers, celery salt. This is what I got as a kid, and if I closed my eyes, I was there. My wife made the same comment when we got back in the car.
Can't wait for the next stop: Maxwell polish, pizza puff, a Tom-Tom tamale.
Great stop for a flavorful quick meal. 


Seejay D. 
Woodridge, IL
Reminds me of my sweet home Chicago .best polish and fries out this way. Good people good food.


Carlo C.  
Yorkville, IL

Some of the best hot dogs and fries you can get. Reasonably priced and a friendly staff. What else can you want? They also have a full menu. Try it, you won't regret it.


Nik B.  
Oswego, IL

Best Chicago style hotdog place in Yorkville. Large portion of home cut fries and a very Chicago style hotdog. Also very inexpensive and affordable home food


Nhoj K.  
Chicago, IL

Chicago dog was GREAT! Perfect amounts of every topping. Asked Tony why the bun wasn't poppy seed. Got the answer and a history lesson of his hot dog career. Lol! TomTom tamale was cooked perfectly. Fries were fresh-cut and plentiful. The 2- dog, fries and soda special is definitely a deal!!
Thanks for a great lunch!

Dave R.  
Montgomery, IL

Great family ran business. I was finally in the west bound lane on RT 34 so I stopped in for a couple dogs fries and a drink. Tony Salerno was cooking and I opted to eat in and we chatted between customers and I found out he used to serve dogs at Oswego baseball games when my kids were in baseball. We were always happy to find him to get everyone a snack and were devastated when he stopped serving there. His current location is easy to spot as it's painted the Chicago Vienna Hotdogs colors. The dogs are great and as I told Tony the fries are the best I've ever had. I'll be back to try more items on the menu and wish Tony future success.


Richard S.  
Yorkville, IL

Love this place. Very friendly people working there. Excellent Chicago style hot dog and really the best fries in town. Portillos makes a good hot dog too but their fries are not even close to Salerno's. Highly recommended for a quick satisfying meal.


Blue H.  
Joliet, IL

Stopped in before closing on a weeknight. Tony couldn't have been more friendly. Chicago style hot dogs were darn good. The fresh-cut fries are a must. About the freshest I've ever had. Stop in and support this family business. You'll like it.


Brian K.  
Yorkville, IL

Looking forward to trying more items. Tonight, I had the Maxwell Street Polish. It hit the spot. The fries are top notch. Fresh cut! My son had a hotdog. I had 1 bite and it was tasty. Looking forward to having a solid place for good Chicago style chow!

Ashley Rhea Shields   
Catering Event for Daughters Graduation.  

What a great night. Everyone enjoyed Salerno’s Red Hots. I was able to enjoy my friends for my oldest daughters graduation party and everyone was happy and enjoyed their hot dog. 10 stars


Tim K  

Nice place good food as expected. The Salerno's know Hot Dogs and Beef. Yorkville is going to fall in love with Salerno's Red Hots.


Tracy S  

Everything on the menu is fantastic. They put a lot of attention into making sure everything tastes great and it does. The skin-on fries are amazing. My husband said the Maxwell St Polish was better than Portillo's! Will be back for sure.


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